Miss Malaysia 2002 in leaked sex scandal

Karen Ang Lit Eit (32 year-old) is a Malaysian beauty queen and model. She was a stewardess before winning Miss Malaysia 2002.

If this is real, which is quite undeniable from the photos given, it would be the first for a national beauty queen, same shit happened to Miss Russia (2006) and Miss Korea (also 2002) a few year back when it came to everyone's attention they were pornographic stars in their own private rights, which you can find in this site.

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    for all the complete asian sex scandals!

  2. i alwiz knew she was a cumslut bitch

  3. Look like her but it is not her. Because i know her.

  4. It's not even Karen....The girl on the tape named Cindy and she's doing the porno scene with a guy name Bryan. Cindy is a latino. from the side view she does look like Karen but from the front view not at all

  5. its not her...check http://www.megaporn.com/video/?v=X9T4HXLR

    for videa

  6. This is not Karen Ang. I know her.
    This girl doesn't looks like her, perhaps only at a certain angle.

  7. each time i meet up wif the real karen ang, i would always imagine her face covered wif cum :P