Singapore Nanyang Polytechnic (NYP) Scandal

The Tammy sex video scandal was an incident in Singapore involving a sex video first circulated in mid-February 2006 that turned into an Internet phenomenon. The incident began when a student from Nanyang Polytechnic (NYP), known only as Tammy, apparently had her mobile phone stolen, and a 10-minute video of her having sex (which included intercourse as well as oral sex) with her boyfriend was uploaded on the internet.

The video, which was stored in the girl's mobile phone, was initially spread via instant messaging, email and blogs, but eventually made it to the front pages of national newspapers. Shortly after, the video gained international notoriety as many people curiously began searching for it online under the keyword Tammy Nyp, causing the scandal to make it to the first five places in Technorati's top search terms for almost two weeks. The video was reportedly sold on DVDs in Penang, Malaysia. A domain on the scandal's top search term was also squatted, and other merchandise such as T-shirts was sold online.

Questions of morality were raised after the scandal broke. Critics blamed the girl for shooting the video in the first place, while others pointed the finger at the culprit who uploaded the video. Her boyfriend, on the other hand, escaped the same level of criticism, prompting comments questioning some critics' bias. The girl, when interviewed, claimed that she had no aspirations of fame.

This is one scandal that can never die, mainly because of the quality and performance of the sex acts which are of the highest quality by two super healthy teenagers, although that cannot be said of the video quality which is those of 2006 handphone cam. Their acts have become the Standard Operating Procedures or Lesson 101 for students of Universities and colleges all around the world.

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Taiwan University Sex Scandal

Lin Jing Shan (林静珊), pictured in video, is a 20-year-old girl from Taiwan. Lin Jing Shan and former boyfriend Xie Xin Long (谢欣龙), 27, had repeatedly solicited Feng Chia University student surnamed Yan to engage in 3P sex games. Each time Xie took the threesome pictures and videos as the memoirs..... (Click photo to watch movie)

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Malaysian Airline Steward & Hostess Sex Scandal -

This video captured by a MAS (Malaysian Airlines System) cabin crew who screwed several MAS air hostesses, on a regular basis. He got bored just screwing them, so he added some excitement by videotaping them.

Preview of what is inside the original video:

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You need to download all 3 files in the same folder and run the part 1 file,
password is "" (not include quotes).

Singapore HDB Flat Staircase Nude Scandal

Courtesy and Quote from " So, someone sent these pictures of a Singaporean girl posing in the staircase of a building to the a few months back. I didn't post them because her face was covered or censored. I hate posting pictures with hidden faces, I don't even have the name of the girl. But people having been asking for them to be posted lately, so here you go. The pictures show a young woman in various explicit poses exposing her tit and pussy at what seems to be the staircase of a HDB flat. "

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