China's Hottest Woman - Tang Jiali 湯加麗 裸體舞蹈畫廊

China's Hottest Woman - Tang Jiali
Arguably the most beautiful woman in China today. She is one of the Chinese women who make the big bucks in China - in the movies, on TV, in fashion or just standing in front of a car in the nude. 这是一个中国妇女谁使赚大钱在中国-在电影,电视,在时装,还是只常委会在前面的一辆 汽车。数字1最热门的女子在中国


Edison Chen : From Scandals to Sandals 陈冠希卖鞋,陈冠希拒绝作证

Edison's latest project - adverts for a brand of Sandals

Malaysia Farmers Sex Scandal (Budak Jolai scandal)

Another Sex Tape Scandal from Malaysia. A Felda settler (farmer) who made recordings of his sexual acts with a woman for his “own viewing pleasure” is in big trouble after the clips were widely circulated and ended up in the hands of the police. The sex tape called Budak Jolai is circulating around Malaysia, which features a 52-year-old Malaysian man and his 21-year-old female partner. The two were arrested on May 26 after the video clips became public and police found them. The man insists the tapes were made for his “own viewing pleasure”.

The 52-year-old settler and his “partner”, a 21-year-old woman, were arrested by police and are expected to be charged in the Sessions Court and Syariah Court soon. The cameraman who felt-up the young woman is expected to also be charged in the near future as well.

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