Taiwan - Girl walking naked in the streets of Taipei

This scandalous girl is believed to be a porn star by the name of Kiko, who is desperately trying to kick start her career by doing something audacious. She probably won some international clients as a result, but nothing more, I am a afraid. I wonder what the Taiwanese police got to say about this.

Nevertheless, there is no harm in watching and enjoying how she made a brave fool of herself. This is free streetwise entertainment!

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Holland Village Nude Walker is a PhD Singaporean scholar

PhD student, 24-year-old Eng Kai Er walking naked with Swede, Jan Philip!

Many Singaporeans are shocked and angered when they discovered a scholar funded by taxpayers' money, are making the round naked at Holland Village recently. Here is an interesting and angry comment from a forummer.

"As a Singaporean, I suppose many of you will feel ashame by the act of this 24 years old Phd student. She should have used her talent to do something good for the community, but instead showing her ugly naked body to degrade the image of Singapore women on the street. As a PhD student, I think something must had gone wrong in her mind. How come she was willing to make herself cheap for the sake of an 'Angmo' 3 years younger than her... walking naked in public?

I will never consider her PhD and I will never employ such a shameful and senseless girl. A real Singapore woman would not behave like her. Her acts can only degrade, disgrace and damage the image of Singapore women. She only brings shame to the school, institution, women's image and also her own family members, especially parents.

When I saw this Eng Kai Er, I felt very frustrated and angry, and even wanted to vomit... She must be stoned to death according to the Ancient days Middle East laws."

Watch the naked uncensored adventure here - CLICK HERE

Or watch the Youtube video (censored) here....