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Indonesian Actress Rahma Azhari Leaked Topless Photos

Syahidah Rahma Azhari (born Sep 17, 1981 in Jakarta, Indonesia) is an Indonesian actress, model and designer. She is one of 8 siblings of celebrities' from the Azhari family, the family is well-known for sensations and controversies. Members of the famous family include celebrities like Ayu Azhari, Sarah Azhari and Ibra Azhari.

Rahma Azhari is no stranger to scandals. For example, after a long investigation since her ex-Hubby Rauf filed for divorce in 2005, he now knows the result of Rahma's daughter's DNA test. Rauf found that the child's real father is not him but likely to be an American who came to Indonesia for a job contract before returning to America.

One thing for sure, one of the yankees in the photo-movie below, is Rahma's baby father. DNA tests indicate caucasian blood. As to which one is the actual sperm-donor, no one knows for sure. Just too many to count. Trial-&-error DNA tests will be costly.

Heri Subagyo, Rauf's lawyer also explained that Rauf has already talked about it to the suspected American by phone,"And he was pretty surprised with it, cause he never had any serious relationship with Rahma, cause he was only having fun."

Now the American doesn't want to have anything to do with Rahma or his kid, and will never be back to Indonesia, because his contract in the mining industry ended 3 years ago.

Indonesia's most popular celebrity family has a little topless skank on their hands. Indonesian actress Rahma Azhari’s topless pictures were leaked causing a scandal. Although she denied these were her topless photos, we can all see it is her. People in Indonesia are convinced the photos are authentic. She is known simply as “Rahma”, from the rich and powerful Indonesian Azhari family. The following photo-movie shows Rahma Azhari’s fully exposed breasts (love her nipples) and are said to be original leaked pics, no matter what she says, these topless photos can’t be fake. For one, there are just too many topless pictures from all different angles and the mole on her neck is a dead giveaway. Just compare them to her other revealing photos that can be found all over the web! Source: GutterUncensored.com



Rahma and sister Sarah Azhari bathe naked together

Sarah Azhari (born June 16, 1977 in Jakarta, Indonesia) is an Indonesian actress, model and singer. She was named the most beautiful Indonesian woman in 2005, which may make her older sister, Rahma Azhari (also known as Ayu Azhari), jealous. She is one of eight siblings of celebrities' from the Azhari family, the fanily is known for full sensation and controversy. Members of the famous family include celebrities like Ayu Azhari and Ibra Azhari.

Her filmography includes starring acting roles in “Daun di Atas Bantal” and “Lupus Millenia” in the late 1990’s. lately most of her roles are on television in soap operas.

She is reportedly a nymphomaniac who has had a lot of sex with Indonesian celebrities. On her blog she says that she is very interested in “dating Men, having relationships with men, friends, and activity partners.” Source: gutteruncensored.com.