Genting Highlands Hotel Nude Scandal

Hey Malaysia, are you ready for a firebomb? There are a handful of photos floating around the Internet supposedly of one of Lim Goh Tong grand-daughters. These pictures were first sent to this blog a few months back but now people are sending them to the blog everyday now. I tried to find official photos of Lim Goh Tong granddaughters to compare but to no success, only photos of his children and grandsons could be found online. These supposed photos are spreading fast via email from what I can tell so this might be a good time to post them. The 150,000 daily visitors to this blog with an estimated 50k from Malaysia alone should be able to verified whether or not the naked hottie during the casino royale in these pictures is the real deal. And BTW, I would also be posing nude on the roulette table if my grand-daddy was a multi-billionaire with a casino empire. Source:

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China: Student Making Love In Public

A reason for the huge population...

Malaysian University Students Sex Scandal

The Threesome - One wealthy Pakistani boy with 2 Malaysian Chinese girls. It could be a trap set-up by one of the girls to force a marriage, as the rich boy is also a muslim, and his parents will have to accept the marriage when the scandal exploded: Photos shared from courtesy of Acting Adil Sayeed, Jane Lo Li, Allyssa Yin Yi aka Snowkisz aka Yinyi aka Allyssa Kwan.


Click Here For Video of Yin Yi blowing Adil away.....


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Malaysian Actress Zarina Ann Julie Nude Sex Photo Scandal

Zarina An-Julie, 21, as anyone who’s fond of Malaysian soap knows, is the lead of the drama Anak Pontianak. She has already apologized to her fans for these sex pictures, insisting that those were taken when she wasn’t yet a celebrity, and that (in words that echo those of Gillian Chung’s) she was just being naive, like any silly teenaged girl but that is after she lied by saying the photos were superimposed. The hot and scandalous Zarina An-Julie sex pictures were taken for private use but it seems that her boyfriend wanted to share the photos with his friends and they share it with the world. As she remembered, that picture was taken when she was 18, far from being an celebrity.

Zarina An-Julie knows who spread her pictures. However, she still doesn’t know the motives of that person to do so. Zarina An-Julie, a Iranian & Malay mix with some Scottish blood says that, she is confused why her nude pictures become an issue.

Below are some pictures that have been circulating on the Internet of a hot Malaysian TV3 actress being a slut for her man's camera. Zarina An-Julie, a.k.a. Anju plays Mia on Anak Pontianak and she has many nude pics circulating on the internet. Below she is naked and having friend with her boyfriend and showing off her 21 year old boobs. Here are her skanky swimsuit pictures that were posted last week. Please send me more naked pictures of this girl at, I want to post them all. Source:

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Sun Tan of Singapore Outdoor Sex Scandal

Sun Tan is not a bad person, she is just a young woman that was trying to make her boyfriend happy. And in doing so she made a huge mistake. All the attention is oriented towards Sun Tan but a lot of the blame should go the boyfriend. This situation is very common today, it’s usually the boyfriend who talk his girlfriend into taking naked pictures and into making sex videos. Just as in the Edison Chen Hong Kong scandal case, it is the boyfriend behind the whole thing. The boyfriend made his lover or lovers in Edison ’s case pose while he take photos and video. And just as in Edison Chen scandal case, it is the boyfriend that is reported to have lost or leaked the pictures.

Too many young women are easy talked in doing things they would not normally do with a persuasive boyfriend. One can be almost sure that this thing was not her idea but rather her boyfriend. All the attention is going to the naked girl for obvious reasons but some of the attention should be allocated for the guy in the pictures and video with Sun Tan. He is more likely than not to be blamed.

We can only wish the best for Sun Tan, the story will blow over in a week or two and she will continue with her life with a lesson well learned. And other young women in Singapore will hopefully take a lesson from this whole episode. - courtesy of

CLICK HERE TO WATCH....did during the day

CLICK HERE TO WATCH....did during the night

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China's Hottest Woman - Tang Jiali 湯加麗 裸體舞蹈畫廊

China's Hottest Woman - Tang Jiali
Arguably the most beautiful woman in China today. She is one of the Chinese women who make the big bucks in China - in the movies, on TV, in fashion or just standing in front of a car in the nude. 这是一个中国妇女谁使赚大钱在中国-在电影,电视,在时装,还是只常委会在前面的一辆 汽车。数字1最热门的女子在中国


Edison Chen : From Scandals to Sandals 陈冠希卖鞋,陈冠希拒绝作证

Edison's latest project - adverts for a brand of Sandals

Malaysia Farmers Sex Scandal (Budak Jolai scandal)

Another Sex Tape Scandal from Malaysia. A Felda settler (farmer) who made recordings of his sexual acts with a woman for his “own viewing pleasure” is in big trouble after the clips were widely circulated and ended up in the hands of the police. The sex tape called Budak Jolai is circulating around Malaysia, which features a 52-year-old Malaysian man and his 21-year-old female partner. The two were arrested on May 26 after the video clips became public and police found them. The man insists the tapes were made for his “own viewing pleasure”.

The 52-year-old settler and his “partner”, a 21-year-old woman, were arrested by police and are expected to be charged in the Sessions Court and Syariah Court soon. The cameraman who felt-up the young woman is expected to also be charged in the near future as well.

Watch the video here.... CLICK ME

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Indonesia model Intisari Wati nude scandal

Siti Intisari Wati is a Indonesian glamour model. She is Caucasian-Indonesian mixed blood, which accounts for her near perfect face features, well-rounded boobs and fair skin.

VIEW FULL VIDEO - Click on Photos above

Thai Singer Anna Jandrasopark Sex Scandal

Although her full name is Anna Jandrasopark she professionally goes by the name of by Anna Bell (belle = beautiful) and she is 26 years old. I understand that she is half Thai, half German and was born in Bangkok and is 26 years old. It is said that Anna Jandrasopark's boyfriend took his computer in for repair and inadvertently forgot that their copy of the said movie was stored on the hard disk . .. well so the story goes.... There have been various posts on the Internet like

I really don't agree with what she did. That was a big mistake and if some people from Thailand see this that they'll be very angry. She got a bad reputation and all people around the world will judge all Thai women are prostitute. So she's a real bitch and liar!.

So now some info on the tape .. The Thai music group JAMP was hit with a sex scandal when a hardcore homevideo of one of its members, Anna Jandrasopark was released.

Anna is well known in Thailand and is for them a kind of Pamela Anderson, Paris Hilton type celebrity who later went on to become an actress and whose latest film goes by the name of Shadow Island.

In the clip she strips off and a guy licks her pussy after which she thanks him by giving him a blow-job and just to make sure that hes rock solid she masturbates for him after which the guy can obviously wait no more and he fcks her passionately.

The vid quality is very good and Anna even gets out some handcuffs and a vibrator just to add to her kicks and ours.

So forget the controversy, watch the tape and enjoy !!


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