Sun Tan of Singapore Outdoor Sex Scandal

Sun Tan is not a bad person, she is just a young woman that was trying to make her boyfriend happy. And in doing so she made a huge mistake. All the attention is oriented towards Sun Tan but a lot of the blame should go the boyfriend. This situation is very common today, it’s usually the boyfriend who talk his girlfriend into taking naked pictures and into making sex videos. Just as in the Edison Chen Hong Kong scandal case, it is the boyfriend behind the whole thing. The boyfriend made his lover or lovers in Edison ’s case pose while he take photos and video. And just as in Edison Chen scandal case, it is the boyfriend that is reported to have lost or leaked the pictures.

Too many young women are easy talked in doing things they would not normally do with a persuasive boyfriend. One can be almost sure that this thing was not her idea but rather her boyfriend. All the attention is going to the naked girl for obvious reasons but some of the attention should be allocated for the guy in the pictures and video with Sun Tan. He is more likely than not to be blamed.

We can only wish the best for Sun Tan, the story will blow over in a week or two and she will continue with her life with a lesson well learned. And other young women in Singapore will hopefully take a lesson from this whole episode. - courtesy of

CLICK HERE TO WATCH....did during the day

CLICK HERE TO WATCH....did during the night

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  4. Its damn exciting doing outdoor.. I bet they must be enjoying peepers company alot.

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