Malaysian Nurse Sex Scandal

I wonder if this nurse called Han Bee Yin from Penang, Malaysia, is the same girl that had sex tapes with ex-Health Minister Chua Soi Lek. This girl love to screwed elderly man with titles and wealth, so Chua fits very well into her target.

These photos must have been taken by one of those elderly men, who wanted to remember her while he is at home or at work. Unfortunately, wife of the dirty old man happened to see them, and decided to expose this nurse-cum-high-class hooker to the world.

Han Bee Yin's Nude Video


  1. (Translated story from Chinese newspapers)

    GEORGE TOWN, PENANG: A nurse whose nude photographs were widely circulated on the Internet recently has said she would not resign from her work.

    "Life goes on although the nude pictures will more or less undermine my profession," said the 27-year-old woman, who works in a private hospital in George Town here.

    She admitted she was the person in the pictures during an exclusive interview with a Chinese daily here on Thursday.

    The woman, known only as Pak, said she would not blame anyone, including the perpetrator who up-loaded the pictures online.

    Earlier, several Chinese dailies had reported that a collection of nude pictures of Pak was being widely circulated on the Internet.

    It is learnt that the pictures were up-loaded by a spurned suitor, whose advances Pak had rejected for nearly three years.

    The man, in apparent retaliation, got hold of the pictures after bribing one of Pak's close friends, who was believed to have down-loaded the nude pictures from Pak's laptop.

    Pak said the pictures were taken in 2005, adding that she learned about the online pictures through a friend in September last year. She added that she subsequently lodged a police report.

    "I confessed to my boyfriend and family members, and they advised me to lodge a police report.

    "I am grateful to them and the management of the hospital who provided me with the needed encouragement during my difficult times," she said.

    Pak said the pictures were only meant for her personal collection.

    When contacted, George Town OCPD Asst Comm Azam Abd Hamid said police had yet to receive any report related to the matter.

    "I urge the woman to come forward and furnish us with details so we can nab the culprit," he said.

  2. she is unlucky been on view but not insterested in posing

  3. Some people are born rich, some are not, some are not lucky, some attain rich from wealth, some attain by mean of crook, some by selling their body, whatever mean every human have their birth right to attain rich. Morally is wrong but why people still smoke when they know it is wrong.

  4. Sex is a pleasure, making money is a pressure. So combine both are treasure

  5. I don't blame rather sympathise her.Remember, to erris human, to forgive divine.To Ms Pak, I salute you for being brave to face challenges.(Mr.Ajos Dama;

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